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Central Department of Public Administration: Organizational set up

The development process in every country derives from the interface between policies and their implementation, which in turn depends on the quality of governance. Good governance ensures the proper framework for the citizens for their optimal benefits. Nepal’s efforts for administrative improvement began only after the early 1950s. The recommendations of the Buch Committee and Administrative Reorganization and Planning Commission (ARPC) were the major endeavors for initiating an improvement in the administrative system in those days in Nepal. Despite ARPC recommended for the establishment of Institute of Public Administration for providing education on administrative science and imparting training, the process began only in the late 1960s.


Public Administration College Building.

Initially, public administration education was started with one-year diploma in public administration together with imparting in-service training for HMG Second Class Gazetted Officers under Center for Economic Development and Administration (CEDA) of the Tribhuvan University. Later in 1976, Public Administration Campus (PAC) - a full fledged constituent campus of the Tribhuvan University was established. PAC was assumed the sole responsibility for education for public administration and undertook "Diploma in Public Administration" (DPA Program until 1979). The mission quickly evolved to include offering Master degree in Public Administration in 1979. To upgrade and get more independent status, the Tribhuvan University has created Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA) in 1986. Since then PAC/CDPA has been imparting education, training and conducting research in the area of public affairs management.

CDPA has caring faculty and staff and offers program to assist students in their academic and social development.

Altogether 16 faculty members together with other visiting faculties work as teaching staffs. Around two dozen administrative staffs are also recruited for facilitating the day to day administration. The deputy campus chief and the program coordinator are other key personnel for facilitating the program.

The Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA) has close ties with government and incorporates curricular changes and new programs necessary to respond to their needs. Prof. Fred Rigs of the University of Hawaii, Prof. Dr. P.S Bhattanakar of the Rajasthan University of Jaipur, Prof. Avubewa of the University of Philippines were some of the notable distinguished personalities who have also been contributed in the MPA program.

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