Strategic Environment of Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA)

Public Administration Campus's/CDPA efforts to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision take place within a complex strategic environment that includes the campus but extends far beyond it as well.

Our Strengths

  1. Excellent Academic Programs
    Public Administration Campus/CDPA has extremely strong academic programme. Students receive a well-balanced education, studying theoretical concepts coupled with exposure to applied knowledge. The curriculum is flexible enough to be ever-changing, ever-adaptive, and ever-current.
  2. Satisfied Students and Alumni
    Public Administration Campus's students are practical, articulate, intelligent, and pleased with their programme. Students are proud of their accomplishments at Campus and it has helped them meet the goals they came here to achieve. Alumni indicate great satisfaction with the quality of the education that they received at Campus.
  3. Caring Supportive Campus Environment
    Public Administration Campus/ CDPA has caring faculty and staff and offers programme to assist students in their academic and social development.
  4. Close Ties with Government
    Public Administration Campus / CDPA has close ties with government and incorporates curricular changes and new programmes necessary to respond to their needs.

Our Feelings towards Ourselves

  1. Fails to Capitalize on Attributes
    In its marketing efforts, Public Administration Campus/CDPA often fails to capitalize on its strengths. The institution frequently defines itself in relation to something else.
  2. Inadequate Support Services
    Public Administration campus/CDPA has identified several areas that need increased support. These areas include personal counseling, academic advisement, and information technology.
  3. Insufficient Funding
    Public Administration Campus/CDPA has experienced increasing demands on its state resources for fulfilling and maintaining its ever increasing demands , which have not been enough.
  4. Inadequate System for Faculty and Staff Development
    Public Administration Campus/CDPA has not had a plan for faculty and staff development that clearly identifies opportunities for growth and renewal.

Our Visualization

  1. Location
    Located in the heart of Kathmandu metropolises, Public Administration Campus/CDPA can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by a large city.
  2. Growth in the need of Professionals
    Across the country, many of the fastest growing occupations are in government, non-government and private sectors where Public Administration Campus/CDPA can excel. This bodes well for the future of the campus.
  3. Need for Credit and Non-Credit Education
    There is a great need for higher education in the country. Opportunities for the campus/CDPA to continue credit and non-credit education to attract high-quality students.
  4. Collaboration
    Many opportunities exist for collaboration with local, regional/state, national, and international entities.

Our Challenges

  1. Not Readily Recognized in the Marketplace
    Public Administration Campus/CDPA is not easily recognized in the marketplace because of its traditional connotation only for public administration. Many people believed the campus was for government officials.

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