MPhil Course

CDPA has introduced Master in Philosophy (M-Phil) in Public Administration Program as one of the important academic programs under Faculty of Management at Tribhuvan University in Nepal. The program mainly addresses core issues of public administration within both global and Nepalese context, and maintains a very strong research orientation. The program will fulfill the growing demand for higher studies in Public Administration in Nepal.


This program has been launched to produce high level professional manpower and leadership capability in the fields of overall management, governance and pedagogy needed for the public, private and civil society organizations in order to catch up and confront with emerging challenges in these important areas.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the program are to produce high-level professional manpower to work in teaching, research and academic fields, and also to serve in government, non-government, public and private enterprises. This program aims to upgrade independent research abilities among the teachers, academics and the professionals in various fields. The specific objectives of the M-Phil program are:

  1. Training the students for deeper knowledge and research skills in the key areas of administrative science, public policy and organization behavior, research methodologies, development management, human resource management, and governance;
  2. Providing in-depth knowledge in the areas of research methods; and
  3. Preparing students pursue Ph.D. in the field of Public affairs management.

Our Strengths

  1. Excellent Academic Program: Flexible and well-balanced Program.
  2. Supportive Environment: Caring faculty and staff, to help you attain academic and social excellence.
  3. Close Ties with Government: Incorporate changes to respond with current needs.