Free WiFi internet connectivity at Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA)

There is free WiFi internet connectivity in the Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA). This facility is provided to all the students, researchers, visitors, faculty members and staff of the Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA). You can access the CDPA network through any WiFi enabled devices like laptop, tablet computers, or mobile phones. In order to use this network; you need to be the member. You need to register your device from which you can access the resources. For membership, please contact IT Officer Er. Prabin Babu Dhakal, or admin Mr. Krishna Prashad Amgain or Coordinator Dr. Narendra Raj Paudel.

To use the CDPA network, you should read the guidelines to internet use and adhere all the conditions stated there. To register the device, you need to fill a form and send your MAC address to the IT Officer. To find MAC address please follow the instructions on the pages below. If you are unable to do as indicated, please contact the admin.

If you run windows box,

  • Download  MAC Address finding tool and double click. This link howerver is available only in CDPA office hours.
  • Supply your details like name, batch, post etc. on the prompt.
  • This will generate a report in the same folder.
  • Mail it to admin @ cdpa . edu . np to get registered to CDPA network.