Guidelines for internet usage at Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA)

Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA) offers free WiFi Service to all the Students, Staffs, Faculties and and visitors of the Department. For the computer usage, use your judgement, and if you are unsure, ask the Computer Officers. The Computer Officers monitor network traffic to detect problems or misuse, and computers may be temporarily disconnected or put on low bandwidth if it is thought necessary. If Excessive misuse is detected, the registration of the device might be canceled at any time and the user must re-fill the form and re-register with a statement that s/he will not misuse in the future.

Additionally, the Central Department of Public Administration (CDPA) requires you to comply with the following:

1. You should take all reasonable steps to ensure that you do not run up excessive Internet traffic levels. Internet use is provided primarily for academic purposes. Personal use is permitted, but should not be such that it results in more than minimal cost. For example, personal emailing is allowed, but downloading music or large files, internet radio use, iPlayer and so on should be kept to reasonable limits. If you are unsure or would like to plead a special case, please contact the Computer Officers beforehand.

2. Make sure your computer is kept secure, including installing software patches and ensuring a virus checker is installed and kept up to date.

3. Peer-to-peer (P2P) software such as Shareaza, BitTorrent, LimeWire, eMule, KaZaa, DC++ and Waste must not be installed.

4. Don’t run servers and network services, including file sharing, webservers and email servers on any computer without the permission of the Computer Officers. Passwords must be kept secure and the device must use a network name that identifies the owner, e.g. 'KrishnaAmgain'.

5. You must not use, share or store applications, films, music, photos or other material if you are not legally entitled to do so.

6. Promiscuous mode reception or any other form of network traffic monitoring is forbidden.

7. In particular, attempting to gain other user’s passwords or other forms of authorisation is an extremely serious offence which will result in severe disciplinary action being taken against anyone found guilty of such activities.

8. The users must be fully responsible for his action in the internet and the Department will not be responsible for any thing you do on the internet through the Department facility.

9. Users must not share the CDPA Data/bandwidth with other people through utilities like connectify without the permission from the authorized officer.